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What Can I Do To Help My Home Sell Faster?


Lisa believes that she and her sellers must work as partners in order to have a successful outcome. Although each home is unique, Lisa has found that concentrating on the following areas is a common starting place for a successful sale.

Make your house as appealing as possible - Part of Lisa's strategy entails that you both critically look at the interior and exterior portions of your home. By separating each room and area, Lisa can help you determine what, if anything needs to be done to make your house more saleable. Prior to her career in real estate, Lisa owned a highly successful interior design company. She will use that expertise and her real estate know-how to help make suggestions that will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.


Price it Right - Lisa believes that one of the best ways to prevent a house from selling is to price it too high. Before you decide what price to ask for your home, Lisa will perform an in-depth study of all the factors that might influence the sale of your home. She will then discuss the market area and trends with you and help you arrive at the appropriate asking price.