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Haverford Township Real Estate


1681 Welsh Quakers met with William Penn to establish the Welsh Tract of Barony in what is now known as Haverford Township. Although the township is predominantly residential, it does have some retail and service businesses along with light commerce, consequently making Haverford Township a great place to raise a family. Haverford Township is a small, yet friendly community that occupies 9.95 square miles. The township includes the western suburbs of Philadelphia, allowing you to explore the city of brotherly love as you please. For your convenience, two major shopping centers with forty businesses are located nearby. There are more than forty neighborhoods, communities, and historical parks in Haverford Township, altogether encompassing a vast 238 acres of land. Each park contains one or more of the following facilities: softball and baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts, and a playground and nature area. In addition, two private Swim Clubs and a new skate park are conveniently located for your use.

Haverford School District originated two hundred years ago in the form of a 1797 one-roomed schoolhouse built on Darby Road. Because of this, Haverford is committed to providing students in the area with excellent educational opportunities. Since then, many more schools have been built and renovated, all receiving national acknowledgment. Currently, Haverford School District has one high school, one middle school, and five elementary schools. In addition to public education, Haverford has four parochial schools and four private schools all committed to educational excellence. The present enrollment is 5409 with a 16:1 student to teacher ratio, thus making Haverford Township an ideal community to raise your children.

With an approximate population of 48,498, Havertown real estate is booming! The average home price is $250,000 with houses ranging from $175,000 to $700,000. Haverford real estate is mainly comprised of residential single house properties, but duplexes and row homes are also available. The area is beautiful with lovely, tree-lined streets. For your convenience, major highways, including Route 476 (Blue Route), West Chester Pike (Route 3), City Avenue (US RT 1), and Lancaster Ave (Rt. 30) intersect Haverford Township. Haverford homes are sought-after for the close proximity of the city of Philadelphia and for its opportune location to large employers such as SAP, Smith Kline, and Glaxo. For those who travel frequently by air, Havertown is less than 20 minutes by car to the Philadelphia International Airport. The Township is also serviced by both Conrail and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), allowing for easy and inexpensive transportation to and from work. With moderate property taxes and award winning schools, Haverford real estate and its community is a desirable place to live and work. The township also boasts outstanding municipal services, parks, and trails, allowing you to stay active. The Main Line Art Center, Haverford Library, Winterthur Museum, and community theaters provide an assortment of cultural diversity and opportunities. World Class restaurants also reside minutes from your doorstep, allowing your palette to taste foods from around the world. Overall, Haverford real estate and homes are affordable, practical, and well renowned, making the community a great place to live.


Lower Merion Township Real Estate


Lower Merion Township is located in lovely Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. According to Township Manager Douglas S. Cleland, "Lower Merion Township is truly a wonderful place in which to live, work and play."

The people of Lower Merion Township have an inherent feeling of dignity and commitment. Active participation in the community is fueled by the eighteen civic and commercial organizations, which reside nearby. For those citizens who would like to serve on one of the many selected Township Boards or Commissions, Lower Merion Township offers a "Community Resources Leadership Bank."

Lower Merion Township is dedicated to protecting the splendor and charm of its natural and man-made resources. Consequently, Lower Merion has an extensive arrangement of swimming pools, picnic areas, playgrounds, and nature parks with more than 25 well-maintained facilities. For your convenience, playgrounds feature tennis and basketball courts, as well as soccer, baseball, and softball fields. In addition, Lower Merion Township offers organized recreation programs for all ages throughout the year.

Lower Merion Township is the largest of the 62 local governments in Montgomery County. Lower Merion School District serves those living in both Lower Merion Township and the Borough of Narberth. The school district boasts one of the lowest tax rates in Pennsylvania along with high per student spending, consequently benefiting both parents and children alike.

6,724 students are educated throughout the six elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools in Lower Merion Township. The average class size is twenty and the student-to-teacher ratio at the secondary level is 11:1. Eighty percent of the professional staff has advanced degrees. Approximately ninety-two percent of high school graduates attend college or other institutions of higher learning. Five percent of the Lower Merion School District's high school seniors are National Merit Scholars each year.

Buying a home can be one of the most significant investments in life. With low interest rates and taxes, Lower Merion real estate is booming! Given land by William Penn, Welsh Quakers first established Lower Merion Township in 1682. By 1719, the community was recognized as an independent township containing fifty-two proprietors and lodgers. Then, in 1900, Lower Merion Township was incorporated as a Township of the First Class. Lower Merion home prices range from $175,000 to five million dollars, however the average house costs about $250,000. The area is an ideal residential community with beautiful parks and fantastic restaurants. Lower Merion has two esteemed hospitals, nearby shopping and dining, great schools, and plenty of open space. Accordant with the 1990 poll, the township.s population is 58,003 with 23,868 households located within its 23.64 square miles. With an average housing value of $282,600, Lower Merion Township.s median family income is $84,378, the highest in the county. Nestled right in the "Main Line", Lower Merion real estate is superb, with the community a first ring suburban neighborhood adjacent to Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) and Amtrak passenger service assist those living in Lower Merion homes. For those who prefer air travel, Philadelphia International Airport is only thirty minutes by car.


Radnor Township Real Estate


According to the April, 1996 issue of Philadelphia Magazine, Radnor Township and Radnor Real Estate is the Best Place to Live in the Suburbs. Radnor Township prides itself at preserving its charming blend of suburban, rural, and business aspects. Recognizing the best interests of all residents, Radnor real estate offers and sustains a safe environment to ensure a great community.

Radnor real estate combines top-quality stores and companies with a rural atmosphere. King of Prussia Mall, one of the largest in the country, is less than five miles from Radnor Township. For those who prefer to avoid the large crowds at the mall, Radnor boasts an extensive main street lined with quaint shops that can meet your every need.

A group of 40 Quakers from Radnorshire, Wales first settled the land once occupied by the Lenni Lenape Indians in 1663-1665. This land was given to William Penn by the King in 1681, and was colonized by those fleeing religious persecution. Proud of its cultural heritage, Radnor Township nevertheless mirrors the ethics of its early settlers. The community is filled with wonderful ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity. Radnor Township has numerous flourishing parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields, great for all ages.

Radnor Township School District encompasses 13.8 square miles and educates three thousand students living in St. Davids, Wayne, Rosemont, Bryn Mawr, Villanova, Ithan, Newtown Square, and Radnor. With three elementary schools, one middle school, and a high school, Radnor School District teaches to students from all cultural backgrounds.

The community prides itself in district-wide participation, consequently making Radnor Township's School District an excellent facility to prepare your children for the future. It is Radnor's goal to provide an outstanding educational curriculum that satisfies the students and community.

Scoring in the top ten percent in the country, Radnor School District has a per pupil expenditure of about $16,441. Boasting over three hundred teachers district-wide, the objective of Radnor School District is to develop the academic, emotional, communal, and physical aptitude of each student. The accommodating environment of Radnor School District promotes the pupil's uniqueness, independence, and self-esteem. Therefore, Radnor is an excellent place to raise and educate your children.


Tredyffrin Real Estate


Welsh Quakers who received the land from William Penn founded Tredyffrin Township in 1682. At a price of ten cents an acre, these early inhabitants purchased forty thousand acres of land that is now known as Tredyffrin Township. It is to these Welsh settlers that the township received its name in 1707. Tre is the Welsh word for town or township, and Dyffrin means a wide cultivated valley, consequently Tredyffrin, came about, a community that remains true to its name. Tredyffrin Township.s rich history functioning as headquarters for many Revolutionary War leaders during the Valley Forge Encampment allows resident to get in touch with America.s abounding past.


According to the 2000 census, the population of Tredyffrin Township is 29,062, encompassing 19.8 square miles. With 10,972 residential real estate properties and 432 commercial establishments, Tredyffrin is a great place to live and work.

Tredyffrin Real Estate, a suburban community of Philadelphia, acts as the gateway to Chester County and is well situated and nearby to shopping centers and important highways, including Routes 202, 76, 30, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Rail service is also readily available, with many train stations situated within the township. Wayne, Strafford, Radnor, Valley Forge, Chesterbrook, Berwyn, Devon, and Malvern are all included in Tredyffrin Township.


Tredyffrin Township has approximately 345 acres of parkland by means of fourteen parks and six open space areas. With six parks serving as everlasting open space, Tredyffrin is committed to protecting the beauty of nature and its wildlife. Residents enjoy meandering these parks to explore and appreciate the beauty of the township. Most parks include baseball, softball, and soccer fields, along with tennis and basketball courts, playgrounds for the children, and charming picnic areas.

The Treddyfrin/Easttown School District is committed to supporting and serving the community and is also devoted to providing an exceptional educational curriculum that will help prepare students for the future. The District consists of five elementary schools, grades Kindergarten through fourth grade, two middle schools, grades five through eight, and one high school, grades nine through twelve. With a reputation for excellence in academics and exceptional pupil achievements, Treddyfrin/Easttown School District has been awarded with scholarships as well as local, state, and national honors. Because of the 460 superior teachers employed district-wide, the average class size is only twenty-three students, providing an excellent learning environment for your children.


Willistown Township Real Estate


Willistown Township is located in the eastern part of Chester County, Pennsylvania, five miles east of West Chester and approximately twenty miles from Philadelphia. In 1684, William Penn surveyed Willistown for a part of the 50,000-acre Welsh Tract. Despite Willistown Township's expansion in size, modernization, and reputation, it still maintains its historically rural aspects, consequently enhancing the character of the township. A sense of tranquility resides in the community amidst its neighboring suburban landscapes, which is enjoyed by both residents and visitors of Willistown.

As of the 2000 census, the population in the community was 1,059. Willistown Township's close proximity of major highways such as Route 202 allows for easy transportation to and from work, as well as other exciting areas. The demand for work in the job market has intensified Willistown real estate. The community has a great senior center including various exercise programs, social events, and the infamous bingo night. Committed to preserving its great history, Willistown is currently remodeling the William Evans Historic Home located in the Ockehocking National Historic District. In addition, the renovation of Bartram's Covered Bridge is in progress, which will further enhance Willtown.s historical background.

Great Valley School District accommodates more than 4,000 students living in Malvern Borough, Charlestown, East Whiteland, and Willistown in three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Encouraging community participation, dependability, and involvement, Great Valley School District is presently engaged in the strategic planning process of preparing students for the future. The Great Valley Community Education Foundation funds an Arts and Lecture Series, which portrays nationally and internationally recognized professional dance, theater and music performances in addition to lectures by esteemed specialists in various fields. With all schools district-wide receiving recognition by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for their superior educational programs, Great Valley School District is a great place to educate and prepare you children for their impending futures. Great Valley School District has meticulous staff preparation and curriculum development programs to endorse a proficient, knowledgeable staff, and a challenging up-to-date curriculum. To search for homes in Willistown Township or Willistown real estate, please contact us or click here.