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How Will My Home Be Marketed?


It takes more than a sign to sell a property. It takes hard work, a strong network and a thoughtful plan, a plan that is individually tailored for each property. It takes an expert.


Lisa has spent most of her time in real estate selling or marketing luxury or specialty homes. Nobody knows more or will care more. It is her personal goal to garner the best price for your property with an individually customized, aggressive marketing plan that will attract the most qualified and interested buyers. Over her years in the business, Lisa has found that the following areas contribute to her development of a successful marketing plan.


Prominence and Visibility - Probably the single greatest service any broker and agent can bring to their clients is their prominence in the marketplace and a vast network of connections. Lisa has a vast personal network which is coupled with Prudential Fox & Roach's relationships with other area brokerage firms and Prudential affiliate brokerage firms through out the country. Using this network, the marketing opportunities for your property are greatly expanded.


Knowledge - Selling homes grows more challenging every year. Environmental, safety, disclosure and lending regulations are designed to meet the demands of a new, litigious and complicated world. Lisa's experience, continuing education and attention to detail can help you resolve any issues that may arise.


Emotion - Finding a qualified buyer is only half of the equation; the other half is mental. The "mental" aspect of selling is important. It's simply not enough to bring the buyers to the property; it is critical to sell the property on an emotional level. No one buys a house for practical reasons alone, because, it is in great part an emotional decision. Lisa learns to love the homes she sells. Her enthusiasm for a home is contagious. She has a unique way of showing perspective buyers how special your potential home is!


Cooperation - Brokering, in the truest sense of the word, is about matching the desires of the customer to the property of the client. The Multiple Listing Service, which cooperates fully with other real estate companies, helps Lisa notify all area brokerage companies about your property.


Advertising - Lisa recognizes the positive effects of having many different ways to advertise her client's homes. By utilizing newspapers, magazines, direct marketing, e-mail, and the web, Lisa is able to customize the marketing of your home to the right buyer. Whether the buyers are in the Philadelphia area, or in another state, if they are looking for a Main Line home, they will find your home!